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Rang De Bharat Foundation; a Visual Arts education center holding a bunch of Fine Arts Schools & Fine Arts institutes since 2011. Managed by Fine Artists with the guidance of India’s Veteran Artists focusing & contributing to structured Fine Arts Education. Learn Fine Arts with us!

Let's shine like a diamond, your hard work will build a strong artist in you!

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School of Fine Arts & Design

Diploma Courses in Fine Arts

Pencil & Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Fine Arts Institute 


Pencil & Chai

 Art School  for Juniors

Pencil Tuts:

Online Art Courses

With guidance 

Fine Arts Workshops

By Veteran artists

Art Workshops

The full swing of Visual arts education, focusing in-depth sessions along with world class syllabus

We are focused for structured visual arts education, and it is a symphony for us.

Educators of Rang De Bharat Chitrakala Kshetra 

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.

– William S. Burroughs
Visual Arts

Never Stop Learning

An exceptionally unique art experience tailored to you

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Up to scale

We keep the educational standard always above the scale and make sure it is maintained from our art institutes.

Aesthetic Studies

We research, alter, experiment our curriculum to make sure it works for every one. The aesthetic of arts will be reflected everywhere.

Super Fresh

Feel the freshness of learning always, we are supper energised to motivate you, so what is stopping?

Age is number

When it comes on expertise it matters, we are 7 years old visual arts educational organisation.

Our Recent Writings

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Teaching should be a passion and not just a profession!

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Charcoal Sketching- The beauty of Minimal Layering!

Charcoal Sketching- The beauty of Minimal Layering!

Charcoal Sketching is a versatile art. And charcoal is used by the artist because of its unique and versatile properties as charcoal has a rough…

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